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Helping Hearts with 16mm BLDC Micro Motor

Extracorporeal Mechanical Circulatory Support Device

Extracorporeal Mechanical Circulatory Support Device

A mechanical circulatory support device is a vital component for aiding the heart in circulating blood throughout the body, particularly in cases of cardiogenic shock or Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI). These devices employ a high-powered miniature BLDC motor to assist the left ventricle in pushing blood into the aorta and play a crucial role in the device’s effective functioning, replicating the heart’s pumping motion and providing the necessary high speeds and torque output essential for sustained support.

A medical device manufacturer developing a new extracorporeal mechanical circulatory support device approached Portescap to supply a high-performance, high-quality brushless motor to drive the pump. The team selected the 16ECP52 Ultra ECTM motor as the solution. Not only did this 16mm motor deliver the required torque output over a speed range while operating with minimal temperature rise, but its slotless design enabled it to adapt quickly to varying requirements throughout the procedure and recovery periods. The Ultra EC’s U-coil design also offered the necessary high-power output, reducing the diameter of the motor for an optimized device footprint.

The power-dense 16ECP52 surpassed the application’s size and power requirements while also providing maximum responsiveness critical to successful device operation. The manufacturer also appreciated the quality standards implemented by Portescap throughout their production process, guaranteeing that critical device requirements are always met.


• High power density and speed range capability

• High efficiency leads to reduced losses and lower temperature rise

• Reduced patient complications due to high-quality motion solution

• Slotless design provides maximum responsiveness for simulated cardiac rhythm


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