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High accuracies now available to order online

RINGSPANN is expanding its online shop offer in the range of precision clamping fixtures

The precision clamping fixtures from RINGSPANN are now available to be ordered directly from the company’s online shop. Manufacturers of cylindrical components for the automotive, mechanical engineering, aerospace and fluid technology industries particularly stand to benefit. They can now choose from numerous standard series with complete clamping chucks and clamping mandrels for external and internal clamping. All binding prices and delivery times can be viewed and the order can be placed with the click of a button.

Bad Homburg, April 2020. – The clamping chucks and clamping mandrels from RINGSPANN are suitable for almost all turning, milling and grinding processes, as well as testing and balancing processes where increased demands on accuracy are the overriding factors. They are therefore most at home in the machining and production of demanding cylindrical workpieces, such as those required in gear manufacturing and fluid technology. One of their major areas of application is gearing technology. As a result, manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality precision components such as gear wheels, spur wheels, planetary carriers and pump wheels will gain from the completed expansion of RINGSPANN’s online shop. They can now select and order precision clamping tools from all the company’s standard series online. In concrete terms, this means that users have direct access to a wide range of clamping chucks and clamping mandrels in numerous different designs and variants – including prices.

Ready-to-use complete solutions

RINGSPANN’s new online shop expansion includes all flange chucks and flange mandrels in bonded disc pack, taper collet, taper sleeve and flat element designs with their different external and internal clamping principles. In the case of mandrels, the new online shop range also includes the innovative, high-precision disc actuated clamping mandrel from RINGSPANN and a particularly slim centre mandrel. All precision clamping fixtures have one thing in common: they are ready-to-use complete solutions with a high concentricity accuracy that are always optimally matched to their application.

Depending on the design and clamping principle, RINGSPANN’s clamping chucks and clamping mandrels focus on different areas of application. For example, you can find flange chucks for the machining of both thin-walled and solid workpieces (e.g. series LAFF / BKFF), or flange chucks which are characterised by long insertion depths (HKFF series) or very short clamping lengths (KFFF series). It’s a similar situation with the rough differentiation of RINGSPANN flange mandrels. Other basic selection criteria for the user are the required clamping diameter (7.0 mm to 560 mm), the required concentricity (≤ 0.020 mm to ≤ 0.005 mm) and the permissible workpiece tolerance (IT 7 to IT 13). The company’s online shop offers a comprehensive overview and a high degree of transparency, enabling you to quickly and accurately select the appropriate clamping tool. This includes being instantly able to see as a customer how you can benefit from the graduated price scale through multiple orders.

CAD models and the next step

Not only does the online shop offer the user the option of being able to order quickly, it also grants access to a treasure trove of key information on the individual clamping fixtures. Especially interesting for designers and maintenance staff here are – in addition to the detailed product descriptions – the data sheet and installation instructions downloads, as well as the 3D CAD data models in all relevant formats.

RINGSPANN is relentlessly driving forward the expansion and detailing of its online shop in all product groups. The next step in the field of precision clamping fixtures is also already underway: integrating the entire range of clamping elements for flange chucks and flange mandrels – i.e. bonded disc packs, taper sleeves, taper collets, expanding sleeves and thrust rings. Once these expansion measures have been implemented, users will also be able to select and order all their exchange and spare parts for RINGSPANN clamping fixtures online. It will simplify and speed up all activities related to the repair and subsequent optimisation of flange chucks and flange mandrels.

Figure 5: Currently available in RINGSPANN’s online shop: HKDF series flange mandrels for clamping diameters ranging from 9.0 mm to 275 mm. (Image: Ringspann)


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