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New: RK stand system for holding and positioning

The RK stand can be used to integrate and set labelling machines, display/operating devices or similar items in production processes

Maximum stability and flexible alignment for loads of up to 60 kg – the RK stand system, which now forms part of the RK Rose+Krieger standard range, offers it all! As a specialist for linear, profile, assembly connecting and modular technology, we once again demonstrate the multitude of options of product lines which are mutually compatible.

The new high-grade stand system is ideally suited for holding and positioning industrial marking, display and operating devices, such as labelling machines, optical readers, camera systems or 3D scanners – to name but a few. The respective load can be aligned precisely in the space and adapted to changing requirements.


• Straightforward vertical and horizontal manual adjustment

• Self-locking trapezoidal screw spindles

• Vertical or horizontal connection elements for terminal devices

• Axes freely lockable thanks to lift clamp

• Adjustable axes guide

• Anodised aluminium base with adjustable feet

• Load-bearing capacity of up to 60 kg

New: RK stand system for holding and positioning


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  • RK Rose+Krieger GmbH

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