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ITAS inside clamping joint sleeves

Sleeves with adjustable joints make for maximum construction freedom

With immediate effect, three new joint sleeves have been added to the catalogue range for the ITAS tube connectors. The sleeves have a swivelling range of 180° and internal toothing with 15° increments which can be removed for continuously variable adjustment. The hinge allows you to offset minor unevenness in the floor and provides maximum construction freedom thanks to a freely selectable angle position. To assemble the new joint sleeves, which can be combined with all ITAS elements and 40 mm tubes, still only standard tools are required.

Product benefits of the adjustable ITAS tube connectors:

Quick – Maximum construction freedom

Straightforward – 3 ready-to-install variants available

Compatible – Free combination options with all ITAS elements and 40x3 aluminium tubing

Flexible – 180° adjustment range

Stable – Locking function with tooth lock washer with 15° pitch, tooth lock washer removable for continuously variable adjustment


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