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RK tube connectors – the flexible alternative to welded connections

RK Rose+Krieger GmbH
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The clampable tube connectors from RK Rose+Krieger are a cost-efficient solution for the positive and ready detachable connection of a diverse variety of systems – without the need for drilling and welding. Depending on the field of application and the expected load, RK Rose+Krieger offers tube connectors made of plastic (Light Clamps), aluminium (Solid Clamps) or stainless steel (Robust Clamps). The Solid Clamps tube connector system also includes the RK monitor mounting for the fixation and ergonomic adjustment of monitors and touch screens used in industrial applications.

Say goodbye to welding – that could be the motto of the clampable RK tube connectors. The simple assembly technology of the clamping elements eliminates the need for time-consuming and cost-intensive drilling and welding work. The RK tube connectors still, however, provide positive connections that are able to withstand permanent loads, yet can be detached easily. They thus permit full adaptation and modification of handling and automation constructions to specific requirements at any time.

RK tube connectors for a wide range of applications

The RK tube connectors are available as Light, Solid or Robust Clamps, depending on the industrial area of application. The Light Clamps made of plastic are suitable for tasks with low mechanical loads, and are resistant to corrosion and aggressive substances.

Solid Clamps made of aluminium are ideal for the medium to heavy load range. They offer good mechanical properties, are available in a wide range of models and boast maximum value for money.

For heavy loads and shock-proof applications, RK Rose+Krieger has developed Robust Clamps made of stainless steel. The high-strength connection elements are resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, and are specially designed for dynamic loads. They feature high bending stiffness, and retain their excellent stability even when subjected to dynamic loads.

RK monitor mounting offers various connection and mounting variants

The height-adjustable monitor mounting is compatible with the RK connecting technology and BLOCAN® aluminium profile system, but can also be mounted on any other tube, profile or any wall. It is available either with a cross-shaped VESA Standard 75/100 connecting plate, or a round aluminium universal mounting surface. In both cases, the RK monitor mounting is capable of carrying screens, control panels and touch screens up to a weight of 25 kg (static).

RK tube connectors – the flexible alternative to welded connections

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