Z-Key Industrial gateway - Serial device server

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Make your serial and ethernet devices always connected

Z-key is an integrated communication device which can be used as Bridge, Ethernet/ Modbus Gateway (from Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU) or Virtual COM. Equipped with 1 Fast Ethernet port (10/100 Mbps) and 2 serial ports (RS485, RS232/RS485), Z-KEY can be configured by a remote device using an Excel Template to allocate and export the tags (variables). Z-KEY is equipped with a web server integrated which can be customized via Micro SD card.

The configuration of the Z-KEY can be made with different tools: the specific software SESC – Seneca Ethernet to Serial Connection-is used to set the device as virtual serial port; the SDD tool – Seneca Discovery Device tool - to scan all the devices connected to the LAN and find out their ip address; the EASY Z-KEY to setup its IP address. The firmware can be updated via MicroSD Card, Web Server and FTP Server.

Working as Bridge Modbus TCP-IP ↔ Modbus RTU

Z-KEY, configured as Bridge, can support a virtually unlimited number of tags and can manage the simultaneous access of up to 8 clients. Typical applications are: protocol conversion, network enlargement and interfacing to software such as SCADA or datalogger such as SENECA DATA RECORDER.

Working as Gateway Modbus TCP-IP ↔ Modbus RTU

Configured as Gateway, the device supports up to 8 simultaneous TCP/IP client accesses and up to 500 tags. The gateway can be easily configured through an excel template to match tags ↔ modbus registers, can support a fail safe mode in case of I/O faults. It is ideal for big plants applications and everywhere there is the need of an high number of Tags to be matched. In Gateway mode, Z-key can connetc PLCs equipped with modbus RTU master communication protocol only

Working as Virtual Serial Port

In this mode, Z-Key can enlarge the serial network working as Remote Virtual COM, being transparent to any serial protocol. In this mode, the device allows to connect devices not supporting the TCP/IP protocol to software PC (ethernet port).

Look at the link below for more information about application cases

Z-Key Industrial gateway - Serial device server

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