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LEEG Pressure Transmitter Application on Photothermal Power Plants

LEEG Pressure Transmitter Application on Photothermal Power Plants

LEEG pressure transmitter are widely used in energy industry, such as photothermal power plants. According to the principle of solar thermal power generation, the photothermal power station adopts the "light-heat-electricity" power generation method. Thousands of heliostats reflect sunlight to the surface of the heat absorber on the top of the solar tower, forming a high temperature over 800℃ . The steam above 500°C is generated through the heat transfer medium to drive the steam turbine to generate electricity.

In a photothermal power plant, the molten salt storage tank is an important equipment used to store heated liquid salt. Selecting a suitable high temperature resistant transmitter is crucial for accurate measurement of the molten salt level. The molten salt storage tanks of photothermal power plants are usually located in a high temperature and high pressure environment. LEEG pressure transmitter features high stability pressure sensor, tantalum isolation diaphragm, high temperature resistant structure, and wide measurement range, which enable the product suitable to measure molten salt tanks of different specifications and capacities. LEEG pressure transmitter is of high adaptability and flexibility, and available to work under extreme temperature and pressure conditions.


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