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DC Motor for EPB Automobile Part Drive

Electric park brake drive

Abbreviated as EPB (Electrical Park Brake), EPB calculates the slope by using a longitudinal acceleration sensor built into its computer, then calculate the force of gravity on the slope, which is balanced by the braking force of the motor on the rear wheel, so make it possible for the vehicle to stop on the slope. When the vehicle starts, the computer uses the displacement sensor on the clutch pedal and the size of the throttle to measure the braking force to be applied. At the same time, the computer communicates with the engine to get the magnitude of the engine traction. The computer automatically calculates the increase of the engine traction force and correspondingly reduces the braking force. When traction is enough to overcome the sliding force, the computer drives the motor to remove the brake, so that the vehicle can start smoothly.

The EPB with micro gearboxes can ensure that the vehicle on some slope stable parking. In addition, the system automatically realizes thermal compensation, that is, if the vehicle is parked after forced movement, the rear brake disc will have a gap between with the friction plate due to the temperature drop, and the motor will start automatically at this time, driving the compaction nut to compensate for the gap caused by the temperature drop to enhance reliable parking effect.

In fact, EPB has three important parts, electronic brake module, control motor, and electric switch in the cabin. When the driver operates the switch, it sends a command to the electronic brake module which senses that parking brakes are required to be operated. Later, this module commands the control motor installed in the brake calipers to operate. Thus, brake pads are forced on the disc thereby restricting the movement of wheels.

ZHAOWEI micro gearbox plays an important role in electric motor

Control motors of EPB installed on the left and right brake calipers of the rear wheel respectively consist of DC motors and micro gearboxes. Gearbox from ZHAOWEI has a compact structure, small size, and large torque, which can change the direction of drive from dc motor. The gearbox for EPB can operate quickly under large torque and high current.ZHAOWEI modifies the gear and tooth profile of the Electrical Park Brake, which can improve the effectiveness of the gearbox under high-frequency vibration and manufacturing accuracy.

The above the gearbox for EPB is developed for specific customers, only as a gearbox scheme display.ZHAOWEI can custom products for various fields according to requirements.

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