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Gear Motor for Glass Arch Door Lock

DC Motor With Gear Reduction

Rated Voltage: 6V

No-load Speed: 45±20%

No-load Current: 300mA MAX

Rated Loading Torque:

Rated Loading Current: 600mA MAX

Locked-rotor Torque: REF

Anti-drive Torque: MAX

Noise: ≤65dB under stable circumstances (test in 10cm away on the lateral side without windshield)


The glass arch door is simple and beautiful. This gear motor can suit this kind of door well without destroying its beauty.

It’s useful for locking and unlocking steadily and reliably.

This gearbox solution for the glass arch door enables large torque, compact size, high efficiency.

Multi-application. ZHAOWEI glass arch lock gearbox can be applied to frameless glass doors, framed glass doors, or aluminum bridges, glass doors for office partitions, or wooden doors.


  • Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China