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New functions for positioner

Siemens has modified its Sipart PS2 positioner with an array of new functions and communication standards.

The Sipart PS2 positioner is now available with a new diagnostic package, which has been extended to include Full Stroke (FST), Step Response (SRT), and Multi-StepResponse (MSRT) tests. This offers a number of clear benefits for users: they can now obtain detailed parameters such as step response times and idle times, overshoot or measurement errors. This information is invaluable to maintenance personnel when deciding whether a valve requires maintenance. The results can be quickly recorded using the very latest communication standards such as HART 7, Profibus PA Profile 3.02 and Foundation Fieldbus ITK 6.0. In addition, all the relevant valve-related information can be clearly displayed in the diagnostic cockpit, allowing users to more simply monitor control errors, actual / target values or performance status.

By communicating over Foundation Fieldbus, Sipart PS2 is now able to perform control tasks directly on site in the field, so the production can continue without interruption. With the Link Active Scheduler (LAS) function required for this purpose, the positioner performs control tasks locally with the control center if there is a communications failure.

Sipart PS2 also works with Profibus Profil 3.02 to supply diagnostic events in accordance with Namur recommendation NE107.

This uniform standard enables the user to classify events occurring in the field across all devices, and helps the plant operator maintain an overview in critical situations.

In keeping with the aim of achieving “a single positioner for all applications”, the Sipart PS2 can now also be mounted on drives using a “fixed pin”.

This is a specific mounting variant in which the pin of the mounting kit allows no movement at the drive spindle.

The characteristic stored in the positioner for this now takes care of perfect linearization, meaning that the process can be operated even more closely to optimum efficiency, which in turn means enhanced product quality.

One that masters everything

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