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Novel Evaporation Technology Produces Reproducibly Large Crystals

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Crystallisation is a critical step in the development of many compounds, it can form part of a purification or separation protocol and can influence yield, purity and particle size. Chemists achieve crystallisation by many varied methods. Variation in temperature, solvent, head pressure, seeding method and evaporation rate can all have an effect on the crystallisation process, influencing the form, shape and size of crystals formed. Until the advent of eXalt technology, traditional crystallisation methods have offered little control and often no reproducibility over these parameters.

Genevac''s patented eXalt technology enables a wide range of solvents and multiple actives to be evaporated all at the same slow rate, and under the same conditions, giving the user unprecedented control of the crystallisation process. This is achieved using a special holder which can be configured to slow the evaporation rate of each solvent, i.e. the more volatile solvents are impeded more, and some solvents such as water, need no restriction. The holder is then placed in the controlled conditions of a Genevac HT Series Evaporator which cycles the pressure over the samples to create a draw, achieving controlled, even evaporation. eXalt holders can accept up to 24 different samples, and 4 8 or 12 holders can be placed in the evaporator, depending on size.

Areas of application that have particularly benefited from eXalt technology include screening for crystal forms of new compounds, re-crystallisation of existing compounds into new forms, confirmation of stable isomeric forms, production of large seed crystals, co-crystal studies and crystallisation of compounds where only amorphous forms had previously been identified.

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Novel Evaporation Technology Produces Reproducibly Large Crystals

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