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TBH GmbH sets new standards in lithium-ion battery production

TBH at Laserworld in Munich

TBH GmbH, based in the northern Black Forest, is driving innovation in the safety and efficiency of lithium-ion battery production. By further developing its filter and extraction systems, in particular the TBH FP200 and LN600 series, which the company exhibited at Laserworld in Munich, the is the fume extraction manufacturer meeting the increasing demands of the industry. With technologies such as the SafeChange system and the SafeLine filter, TBH improves working conditions and increases the service life of the systems, enabling continuous production processes.

The TBH FP200 filter cartridge system is characterized by efficient dust removal and a special polyester fleece cartridge that improves the protection and cleaning performance of the filter cartridge through precoating. The TBH LN600 series with SafeLine filters guarantees high efficiency in particle separation, protects the user, and allows the cleaned air to be returned to the work area. With the upcoming ETL approval, TBH GmbH plans to expand its global market share and raise production standards in battery manufacturing worldwide. This underscores TBH GmbH's commitment to providing advanced solutions that ensure safety and efficiency in the production of lithium-ion batteries.


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