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The new centrepiece of TBH filter and extraction systems // INSPIRE control electronics

The TBH GmbH, leading manufacturer of filter and extraction systems, presents its completely new INSPIRE control electronics. As a result of intense development work, the new centrepiece of TBH filter and extractions systems is now ready for operation from December 2015 onwards. In future, all of the TBH systems will be equipped with the new control electronics. That pays off as the new control board combines both easy operation and an appealing design.

During the development of the control board, the main focus was on creating a design as lean and manageable as possible thus easing the operation for the customer. A prerequisite therefore was a layout providing an immediate overview of the system’s actual state. This allows the operator to see possible system faults already from afar thanks to the use of blinking colour icons. The regulation of the extraction performance is now done by means of plus and minus buttons on the control panel. Furthermore, the colour display now also shows the hours of operation. In addition, the new interface is now also equipped with a notification memory. In case a problem occurs, it can be read out thus easing the troubleshooting.

In addition to the functions of saturation-filter systems, filter-cartridge systems now also feature the possibility to start the filter-cartridge cleaning by the simple push of a button. Depending on the customers’ preferences, the cleaning can either be started in accordance with a set interval or once a certain differential pressure has been reached. If required, automatic cleaning can also be started once the system has been shut down. This is achieved by means of the parameterization access. In combination with the TBH software, it allows adjusting each and every parameter to the customers’ requirements.

For TBH, the new INSPIRE control electronics resembles a complete redesign. Thanks to the lack of protruding switches and control knobs, cleaning the display has become much easier, too. Moreover, the new display is splash-proof, allows intuitive operation and thus prevents any complicated menu navigation.

Figure: TBH INSPIRE control electronics for saturation-filter systems (top) and

for filter-cartridge systems (bottom)

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