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Extraction and Filter Systems for Potentially Explosive Atmospheres // TBH Extraction and Filter Systems, ATEX Series

TBH GmbH offers different ATEX compliant extraction and filter systems for such applications. Among other things, the two different sizes offered in the FP series cover a wide range of potential customer applications. The FP 150 ATEX system, based on the existing FP 150 system, is equipped with a cleanable cartridge filter meaning that built-up dust on the filter can be removed using bursts of compressed air, which in turn considerably increases the service life of the system. Various design features, as well as a special ATEX-tested particle filter (filter class H13 in accordance with DIN EN 1822) contribute to the system''s safety. This extraction and filter system is used in areas with a required extraction volume of approx. 250m³/h and has a maximum vacuum level of 21000 Pa. This makes it optimal for extracting particles and emissions even in narrow intake areas and with longer suction lines.

FP 211 ATEX or FP 213 ATEX extraction and filter systems are used in applications with multiple extraction sites and/or large amounts of dust. Both systems, as opposed to the FP 150 ATEX, have six instead of just one cleanable filter cartridge. The FP 211 ATEX with an air flow rate of approx. 1500 m³/h and max. 3000 Pa, or the FP 213 ATEX with an air flow rate of approx. 800 m³/h and max. 15000 Pa are used according to application requirements (intake area, suction line length). They are particularly suited for larger machining processes and offer a longer service life. Thanks to various design modifications and adjustments, as well as a special ATEX particle filter (filter class H13 in accordance with DIN EN 1822), systems from the FP 200 ATEX series also meet ATEX requirements.

Caption: TBH Extraction and filter systems FP 211/213 ATEX (left) and FP 150 ATEX (right)


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