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Safely extract fumes and sparks during laser welding // FP150 /CO2

Large demands are placed on automated production processes in terms of quality, operational safety and reliability; at the same time it is expected that costs are kept to a minimum. The mobile source exhaust and filtration unit FP150/CO2 from TBH meets these requirements. The exhaust and filtration unit protects both humans and the machine, and enables the extraction of welding fumes as well as flying sparks directly at the source.

The development engineers at TBH have fitted the unit with a number of safety devices to ensure that the filter system does not fail or become damaged in the event of a fire. A generously sized spark trap that acts as a pre-separator prevents smouldering particles form getting into the actual filter system. Moreover, the system is equipped with a fully automatic CO2 extinguishing system which can safely interrupt the process. Meaning, for example, that it optimally meets the safety requirements of well-known automotive manufacturers. If required, the unit can also optionally be connected to the fire alarm control centre of the plant fire brigade.

To keep the air clean, the extraction system FP150/CO2 has a 2-stage filter configuration with a backwashable cartridge filter, with an H13 or H14 HEPA filter with a separation efficiency of 99.995% (DIN EN 1822), and an exhaust air connection piece to the outside. As a whole, the system has a modular and easy to maintain design. Maintenance work can either be performed quickly on site or, thanks to its mobile design, the extraction system can also be taken to a service or maintenance department for maintenance.

As with all extraction and filter systems, TBH GmbH''s top priorities for the FP150/CO2 are the quality and reliability of the system. The system''s compact design, motor designed for continuous operation, extensive control options and numerous other features set it apart from competing products on the market.

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