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Laser processing: efficient extraction of pollutant particles

TFS 1000 mobile filter and extraction system for laser applications

Laser processing causes hazardous and health-damaging emissions. Appropriate and powerful extraction and filter systems are thus required in order to meet the statutory provisions regarding the maximum pollutant concentration at the workstation. Thanks to its particularly large prefilter and the new INSPIRE control electronics, the TFS 1000 extraction and filter system by the TBH GmbH meets these requirements in a highly efficient manner.

By developing the TFS 1000 filter and extraction system, TBH managed to successfully close the gap between small and large system series for laser processing. The system is designed for laser processing applications with 30 to 150 W CO2 lasers or 10 to 50 W solid-state lasers with a working surface of up to 1,500 x 1,000 mm. It even copes with applications demanding high volumes of air such as, for instance, the simultaneous extraction at multiple workstations. The large filter surface and the concomitantly long system service life are particularly suitable for applications having to deal with medium or high amounts of dust.

During operation, the process air is extracted by means of an intake socket before passing several filter stages, a high-performance blower and the silenced exhaust vent recirculating it to the workstation. The SafeLine prefilter developed specifically for this system serves as first filter stage. It separates approximately 80% of all particles. Optimum inflow across the whole filter surface reduces losses within the filter. Heavy particles settle at the bottom of the filter thus not clogging the filter surface. The SafeLine filter is located within a closed filter housing which can easily be closed during the filter replacement thus preventing the user from coming in contact with the filtered matters. The next filter stage consists of an H14 particle filter complying with DIN EN 1822 and separating even smallest particles. The subsequent activated-carbon/BAC filter separates gaseous substances and collects odours. All filter stages can be replaced independently from each other and without any tools thus significantly easing the handling of the system. TBH will realize and launch additional systems based on this system concept in order to complement the output range both at the lower and at the higher ends.

The TFS 1000 filter and extraction system is equipped with the new INSPIRE control electronics allowing, for instance, separate filter monitoring of the SafeLine filter and the particle filter thus easing the maintenance planning and optimising the maintenance costs. The integrated colour display allows intuitive operation without complicated menu navigation and provides a quick overview of any important information concerning the system status: filter saturation, system status, performance settings / operating-hours meter, prefilter status, main-filter status, display and notification of malfunctions, etc. The integrated interface includes an error memory and a special programming access. On the one hand, this improves the coordination between the customer and the TBH service; on the other hand, it facilitates the adjustment of the system to the customer’s specific requirements directly on site.

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