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Improved even further: electronics, handling and performance

Mobile filter and extraction system FP200 series

Concomitant with the launch of the new INSPIRE control electronics, the TBH GmbH has also optimised the mobile filter and extraction systems of its FP200 series. In this manner, improvements were achieved in terms of transport and handling while the performance was improved even further, too.

These systems equipped with cleanable filter cartridges are particularly suitable for applications demanding the extraction of high amounts of dust. This includes, for instance, laser processing – in part also in combination with precoating – or mechanical processing such as grinding, deburring, milling, drilling or cutting as well as decanting, packaging, supplying or forwarding processes. Thanks to the use of special high-performance blowers or rather turbines, the systems feature a high effective air flow rate allowing their use as a decentralised extraction system for multiple workstations. The colour display of the new INSPIRE control electronics allows intuitive handling without complicated menu navigation. At first glance, the user is provided with a quick overview of any relevant information concerning the system status. The extraction performance is controlled by means of plus and minus buttons on the control panel and the filter-cartridge cleaning can be started by the push of a button. In addition, the interface available now also includes an error memory and a special programming access easing the support communication and the adjustment of the system to the customer’s specific requirements right on site.

Moreover, the complete system structure has been further optimised as well. The dust collector has been enlarged by 50 % thus reducing the maintenance efforts. The motor module was modified too. In case servicing becomes necessary, it can now be performed much easier. Considerably reducing the design height, the system transport is eased significantly thus cutting any related costs.

Thanks to the use of a new blower providing an increased vacuum level, the system performance was also improved. Despite increased performance, the energy-saving and low-noise characteristics of the system are preserved. In terms of noise, the levels reached fall below 68 db (A) thus allowing the application of the system in workshops and production facilities.


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