Water/Wet spray booth VS dry spray booth = reduce your operating costs

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In spray booths (paint, varnish, glue, gel coat, oil, etc.), there are 2 types of filtration :

- Water/Wet Filtration

- Dry Filtration

The wet filtration (water curtain) has the advantage of not requiring a regular change filter contrary to a dry spray booth.

However the use of water requires regular use of chemicals to separate solids (sludge) from the water before reprocessing.

Environmental impact is very strong and increasingly regulated.

Furthermore, the downtime (sometimes several days) needed for cleaning a water spray booth is a very important annual cost for companies.

Advantages of a dry spray booth VS water spray booth :

- No use of water

- No use of chemicals and flocculants

- Reduced power consumption (no circulation pump)

- No transport costs for sludge

- Less maintenance costs (no cleaning or regular maintenance of the water pump)

- Quick change of filters VS downtime 1 or 2 days to complete cleaning of the cabin

The conversion of water spray booths is very simple :

- Open booths: installation of a filter support frame in front of the existing wall

Video showing the conversion of an open cab: https://youtu.be/Qm2VeX6o_oM

- Closed cabins: media trays facility

Technicis innovates and offers innovating filters with increasing retention capacity for a longer lifetime, that is to say, reduce maintenance time and costs in dry spray booths.

Do not hesitate to consult our technicians and we will advise you how to adapt your cabin and choose the most appropriate filter for your activity.

NB: any conversion water-> Dry is reversible!

Water/Wet spray booth VS dry spray booth = reduce your operating costs

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