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Lubrication does more than you think

Bearing lubrication is vital to the proper operation of equipment.proper management of bearing lubrication is necessary to ensure the stability of equipment operation.

Improper lubrication can lead to equipment failures, shortened life spans, and compromised efficiency.

Adequate bearing lubrication can significantly improve customer benefits, such as increased equipment efficacy and reduced maintenance costs.

Choosing an unsuitable lubricant and method will result in

Difficult selection of lubrication products

-Poor lubrication leads to high oil temperature and thermal deformation

-Poor lubrication leads to vibration damage and noise of equipment

-Poor lubrication leads to transmission jamming and high power loss

-Poor lubrication leads to foreign body invasion and damage to equipment

Lubrication does more than you think

Lubrication management solutions

-Different equipment applications have both standard and specific lubrication requirements. Tailored lubrication management solutions ensure maximum effectiveness in different applications.

-The right lubrication solution creates an oil film separation in the equipment, removing friction-generated heat and resisting oxidation. It also reduces sludge, corrosion, and surface deposits in the equipment, protecting the equipment, ensuring smooth operation, extending service life, and reducing maintenance frequency, thus reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


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