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【THB】Starting from roller bearings, creating a zero-backlash CNC cam roller rotary table

CNC machining center is a high-precision, high-efficiency CNC machining equipment.

It is often used in parts processing, mold manufacturing, precision machining and other fields, and can quickly and accurately complete complex processing tasks.

There are three common driving methods for the CNC machining center turntable: DD motor, worm gear and cam roller mechanism. How to choose mainly depends on the customer's comprehensive consideration of positioning/repeat positioning accuracy, processing efficiency, bearing capacity, cost performance, maintenance costs, etc.

Among them, the cam roller mechanism rotary table has extremely high processing efficiency under relatively light and medium load conditions, while taking into account high processing accuracy and long service life. It is often used in CNC machining centers in semiconductor, automobile, 3C and other industries, so it has received more and more market attention.

Realization of zero-backlash cam-roller mechanism rotary table:

Zero-backlash cam-roller mechanism rotary table-----Through the perfect meshing of the cam curve and the cam bearing outer ring, the cam-roller mechanism is always in a preloaded state no matter in forward rotation, reverse rotation or static state, perfectly eliminating backlash, thereby achieving high positioning accuracy in the processing state And high repeat positioning accuracy.

To realize zero-backlash, it needs to consider the elements such as the meshing, fit clearance, dimensional accuracy, installation method, and fixing method of output towers, roller bearings, and cams from designing to processing.

Recommended arrangement of roller bearings in cam-roller mechanism rotary tables:

Roller bearing is the core component to zero-backlash cam-roller mechanism rotary table. Combined with the needs of actual application, THB pays more attention to the following indicators in design and production:

Outer ring/shaft raceway roughness

Outer ring/shaft roundness

Outer ring/shaft concentricity

Outer ring/shaft face parallel difference

Outer ring/shaft face parallel difference

Outer ring/shaft raceway straightness

In terms of finished products, THBrecommends that customers pay attention to the following aspects when selecting roller bearings:

Select the appropriate outer diameter grouping to ensure better meshing:

Special radial clearance is selected to ensure the overall accuracy of the cam roller mechanism

Selection of matching tolerance between roller bearing shaft diameter and output tower aperture and selection of machining accuracy。

Roller Bearing Configuration Recommendations in rotary tables of Cam-Roller Mechanism:

Metric Products:

Outer diameter 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 26mm, 30mm, 32mm,

35mm, 40mm, 47mm, 52mm, 62mm, etc., can also be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

Imperial product:

Shaft diameter 1/4inch, 3/8inch, 7/16inch, 1/2inch, 5/8inch,

3/4inch, 7/8inch, etc., can also be customized according to the actual needs of customers.


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