Multielement (8E – 32E) MCT/InAsSb detectors

VIGO System
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VIGO introduces line of customized multielement detectors and modules dedicated to the client’s application. 32-element array after a series of research and development are now available in production with dedicated preamplifier. We offer support in


• High S/N ratio allows operation with low power of radiation

• Low drift of output signals

• High frequency operation

Module configuration options

• USB digital interface for easy integration, electronic development minimalization

• Customized mechanical layout

• Microprocessor to enable signal processing like filtering, response linearization etc.


• Contactless temperature measurement including fast moving objects (in railway transport, process control, cooling or heating profile, combustion monitoring, etc.)

• Spectroscopy (gas detection, breath analysis)

• Defense and security

• Laser beam profiling and positioning

More information about product availability:

Multielement (8E – 32E) MCT/InAsSb detectors

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