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Where To Customize 2U Rack Case?


What is U?

U (unit) is a unit that represents the external size of the server, and the detailed size is determined by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA), an industry group.


1U=1.75 inches=1.75*25.4mm=44.45mm;

The width is 19 inches, that is, 19*2.54mm=48.26mm;

Standard width: the hole distance is 470mm;

2U and 3U are multiples of 1U.

The cabinet size of the aluminum rack mount chassis is also a general industry standard. The cabinet is also equipped with a 1U height detachable sliding bracket, the user can flexibly adjust the height according to the height of the industrial computer, and store the server chassis, industrial control chassis and hub equipment.

What's special about the 19 inch 2u server chassis

Appearance and host

A 2u rackmount case takes up more space, so colocation costs are higher. The tower type is more expensive, but the heat dissipation is good.

All parts

The thickness of the rack mount pc case 2u is thicker than that of the 1U chassis, and the 2U rack chassis has a large space, more air holes, and more optional exhaust fans. The heat dissipation performance is better, and the space is relatively small. Since too high temperature can easily affect the performance of the chassis, the fan cooling of the chassis is also a very important reference condition when choosing industrial control chassis and server chassis. When you need to add more components, only 2u server rack case can do it.

Taking all factors into consideration, as well as the additional cost after purchase, a 2u pc rack case customized by an aluminum chassis processing factory that pays attention to the heat dissipation performance of the product is a better choice.

YONGUCASE launched C series 2ru rack case (switch 19-inch 2U aluminum alloy chassis C18/22 and industrial control equipment 19-inch 2U aluminum alloy chassis C04/05/08/09/13/14) in terms of quality and price can give customers satisfaction ensure.

Customized service

As a one-stop smart maker of aluminum casings, we provide full customization services for this style of chassis - length customization, hole customization, surface treatment (laser/screen printing/engraving), baffle thickness customization, bending customization, Color optional.


YONGUCASE advantage

01 All-aluminum machine milling

Modular and high precision. The mounting holes are firm and stable, the finish milling panel has bosses, and the baffle is thickened and has strong plasticity.

02 Panel thickening

Direct punching, direct engraving, solid.

03 Various height side panels

The profiles are formed by die extrusion with high precision.

04 Technology color matching

Special colors can be customized.

05 Rich size, wide application

Widely used in instrumentation and medical instruments.


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