GI400 & GI410i weight-tare indicators


Giropès has developed a compact indicator with extensive functions for all types of industry, distribution, nutrition, chemical industry, chemist industry and logistics.

The GI400 & GI410i series has been designed with high resistance and uniformity in its finishes, which provide a greater durability and resistance to temperatures and the passing of time. It includes two houses (ABS & stainless steel) to comply with the standards of quality and indicator of protection (IP54 and IP65 option).

In house design and development with additional and function optimization with quality components:

- Additional output RS485

- Internal battery – Lithium-ion technology.

- Analog plate

- Digital plate 4E/4S

- DSD/ALIBI Memory

- Communication plate: Ethernet

*Available depending on model.

GI400 & GI410 has been design as a weight-tare indicator with complete functions as checkweigher, piece counting and totalization. With added optional, it allows to activate repeater, limit and dosage functions or optional memory of verifiable data.

Weight digital indicator GI410i:

Giropès has launched the second weight tare indicator of the GI400 series, digital indicator GI410i.

A digital indicator with keys which have direct access to menu functions. GI410i has a telephone numeric keypad for a smooth introduction of the product description. Weigh association of two codes of identification.

Weight tare indicator with a memory to up to 400 products, 400 customers and 10 prefixed tares.

The introduction of the details of the product can include code, description, tare, EAN code and the characterization of the product is according to its operating platform (weight, target weight or unit weight for the piece-counting function).

The introduction of the details of the customers can be done by code, description or pretare. This series also includes the possibility to do lists of stored weights according to detail or filtered according to customer, product or date.

GI400 & GI410i weight-tare indicators

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