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Something You Should Know about HD plasma cutter

"I really don't know how well plasma can cut."

HD plasma cutter symbolize the integration of the achievements of the plasma cutting industry to date.

High definition plasma cutting is a new technology that has been around for less than a year. It is completely different from traditional plasma cutting. Experts in the cutting industry know that plasma cutting quality is affected by six factors: current, gas, Pierce technology, led in/out technology, cutting speed, timing. These six factors are independent of each other in traditional cutting. Only experienced and skilled workers can combine them and complete a high-quality cutting. The high definition cutting completely eliminates the requirements of the craftsmanship of the workers. It classifies and integrates all the factors affecting cutting, and is controlled by the system to match the world's cutting-edge equipment, so that anyone can cut the best quality work-pieces at the lowest cost in the shortest time.

The general reaction after many people have seen the fine cutting effect is: "I really don't know how well plasma can cut." Interestingly, this general response comes from experienced manufacturers whose workshops already have one or more A laser cutting system or a new laser cutting system is being prepared. What's more interesting is that this new understanding has led many manufacturers to finally decide to purchase hd plasma cutter equipped with high Definition technology, which not only saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in initial investment costs, but also reduces operating costs.

A common thread in the technological advancement of plasma cutting since its invention is the continuous reduction in the cost per foot or meter of metal cut. This phenomenon, greatly accelerated in Stinger pro, is a primary driver of improved profitability for the user.

The cutting speed is three times than flame cutting, but the unit cutting cost is only 1/3 of the laser and same as flame cutting. Such high efficiency and low cost is what all users dream of. Right now, Stinger pro is the best choice to achieve this kind of requirement.

Something You Should Know about HD plasma cutter


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