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What is an IGBT module? What is the prospect of IGBT module development?

IGBT module vacuum soldering

The IGBT module is a new generation of power semiconductor electronic component modules. It was born in the 1980s and carried out a new round of reforms and upgrades in the 1990s. Through the development of new technologies, the current IGBT modules have become integrated Fast speed, high voltage, low loss, high current thermal stability, and many other features are combined. These technical features formally replace the old-style bipolar tube with the IGBT module and become the main reason for the important electronic device in circuit manufacturing.

   With the deepening of the fourth technological revolution, people are widely used in the new generation of industrial manufacturing, electric vehicle manufacturing, tram manufacturing, and new energy equipment. As an important component of modern integrated circuits, IGBT modules also play an important role. As a high-power electronic device ranging from kilowatts to 100,000 watts, the IGBT module has a wide range of applications, and with more in-depth research and development, its application fields will surely become a wider range of similar electronic devices.

Because, as we all know, with the deepening of modern technology and the overall improvement of the world’s economic level, people’s requirements for living environment and quality of life are undergoing leaps and bounds, and air and water pollution worldwide has become a concern of modern people. Major environmental issues, and the emergence of new energy sources will reduce the impact of human activities on the environment. Electrical energy, as one of the earliest energy sources developed by mankind, has many aspects yet to be studied. Through in-depth research on electronic devices such as IGBT modules, we will also use environmentally friendly electrical energy. To be extensive and efficient.

In general, the development of the world is becoming more and more "natural", that is, symbiosis with the natural environment, sharing the beautiful living space of the earth, and the development prospects of IGBT modules will also appear to be good for human life and industry. Development and energy development both play a vital role in the division of labor. Through the emergence of new business opportunities in life and industrial automation, more financial owners will increase their investment in IGBT modules, making them recognized and used by the world.

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