Solid inner bore customized rotary electrical joint

CENO Electronics
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CENO customized slip ring

CENO is a technical manufacturing company,it’s has abundant experience in design and assembling for specific industries.CENO can provide you with different customized slip rings.the center hole is available from 0 to 980mm,it’s used for pass through the drive shaft,gas liquid passage,also can integrate with high frequency,fiber,encoder,wave guide,gas and liquid and other joints.ECN000-04P-08S is a solid inner bore slip ring,with 4 rings of 30A power & 8 rings of signal,working speed range 0- 300rpm.It’s widely used for medical equipment,rotation table,industry machine etc,. Any special request please contact with us,our professional R&D team will provide you with the best solution very soon.


Meet military standards

High performance

Low torque

Stable transmission


Measurement instruments

Motion simulator

Display table

Packaging machine


Through hole size

Current & ring numbers

Signal type

IP protection grade

Solid inner bore customized rotary electrical joint

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