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General features

Facing heads with automatic feed and quick return of the slide without stopping or reversing the spindle of the machine tool.

Available in 3 models: AR 100, AR 125 and AR 160; they have a feed and quick return. To change the feed, some interchangeable, optional, gear blocks are available, for feeds in mm/rev. of: 0.05; 0.10; 0.20; 0.40; 0.60 and a quick return of 0.08 mm/rev.

The interchangeable arbor uses the same locking system used in the MHD'' modular system. A simple attachment of the toolholders to the slide improves the manufacturing of special toolholders.

The AUTORADIAL heads are applicable on machining centers and on N.C. machines and, without the need of any electronic interface, they can automatically execute a working cycle of facing, backfacing, internal or external grooving for spring washers and O-rings, phonographic groove cutting on flanges.

The cycle is composed of the working feed and of the quick return of the slide without ever stopping or reversing the rotation of the spindle. To reset the cycle, merely reverse the spindle rotation for a few revolutions.

Autoradial can also work as a tool changer.


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