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NEW: dry vacuum cleaner by EVO-PRODUCTS Blankenburg GmbH

High-performance industrial vacuum cleaner for sucking up all dry dust particles from coarse dirt to microparticles (µm)

High quality standards – well-designed, noise-absorbing side-channel compressors on the exhaust air side.

Suitable for 3-shift operation. Can also be used for small pipe systems or with very long hoses.

Robust, smooth-running chassis for high mobility. Compact, modular structure with high-quality stainless steel dirt container (V2A)

Configuration of the imaged device:

Longopack-system - funnel with clap for direct suction in a plastic bag for easy disposal

Tank-Lift - for maintenance work the filter chambre can be lifted up or down

three cartridge filters with alternating compressed air cleaning - SPS-regulated, filter surface 5,4 m²

additional HEPA filter

filter control via vacuum switch and signal tower for error indication

new construction: easy cover turbine cover


  • EVO-PRODUCTS Blankenburg GmbH