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Square block Index Table for Wire EDM Machines (WEDM)

F-Tool has developed the RulerSet clamping system that, with relatively low investment, enables a large number of clamping options. If required, the clamped parts can be aligned three-dimensionally to the nearest µm.

For angle adjustment, F-Tool offers a compact, inexpensive, rustproof Angle Index Table, which is suitable for infrequent use. The Universal Index Adapter Plate can be rotated around the centre with 90° grid indexing. In addition, the indexing pin can be adjusted by 15° grid subdivisions. When omitting the indexing pin, the adapter plate can be continuously adjusted to any given angle in the vernier scale. An assortment of clamping devices can be fitted into the Adapter Plate to hold workpieces ranging in weight from a few grams to over 15kg and for all shapes.

The F-Tool square block Index Table and the F-Tool RulerSet are best economic swiss quality products made from high quality stainless steel


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