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The line of small levels of F.lli Giacomello srl includes the levels to be positioned at the point to be monitored. Different types of material, assembly, threaded connections, flanged connections and pressure connections allow customers to find the product that perfectly meets their needs.

The main feature of this range is their functionality combined with an excellent quality / price ratio.

Among the various proposals of this family of levels, we find the IEG-S1 / MF, built to guarantee the minimum or maximum level of liquids in the tanks with maximum safety, hydraulic power packs containing mineral oils with a viscosity not exceeding 80 ° E. Suitable for diesel and all other non-corrosive and flammable liquids.

the assembly of the indicator must be carried out in a vertical position, with the warning that the float is at least 30mm away from ferrous surfaces (walls, tanks etc.). It can be placed directly in the lid or on the bottom of the tank, to check the maximum or minimum level. Through a tube with an extension function, it is possible to obtain a level switch with a selected intervention point.

Another spearhead among the small levels are the IEG-INOX-FD 3061. These are one-contact stainless steel electromagnetic level indicators with 1/8 "Gas connection. They are made entirely of stainless steel and this feature makes them suitable for use in a chemical, pharmaceutical and food environment and for solvents, thinners and all liquids compatible with stainless steel.

Its assembly must be carried out in a vertical position, with the warning that the float is at least 35mm away from ferrous surfaces (walls, tanks ...).

Very interesting features also have the RL / L-P RL / L-F, unique for their practicality and safety.

The small size allows the user to position them in the most difficult points.

Like the Lateral Rapid Levels, these level switches must also be inserted directly in the point you want to control.

The contacts are N.A. o N.CH. in the absence of liquid (reversibility is obtained by rotating the level by 180 °), or on request in exchange. The PVDF composition allows the level switch to resist aggressive liquids such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, gasoline, propane, all types of alcohol, as long as they are free of ferrous particles, as the magnet is close to the liquid.

The ultrasonic welding carried out both on the float and on the level body with its contact holder base, guarantees a perfect seal of the various components.


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