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Cartoning Machine equipped synchronous feeder for pillow pack.

Cartoning Machine equipped synchronous feeder for pillow pack.

Integrate multiple packaging equipment into a complete automatic manufacturing or packaging line has become a trend in the pharmaceutical industry. The heart of a packaging line is the connection between the upper unit and the down unit. Different packaging equipment has different characteristics, such as speed, motion style, etc., when the motion style is different between the upper and down units, such as one is intermittent motion the other is continuous motion, how to pick up the packaging item from the upper unit and then transfer it to down unit accurately especially in high running speed is the most challenge and key aspect in packaging line. The connection unit normally needs to synchronize the speed with the upper unit and down unit, but because of the different speed and motion styles between the upper and down units, the connection unit is required to be more flexible and versatile.

In this packaging line, the upper pillow pack unit running in intermittent motion, the packaging item is transferred to the connection unit in an intermittent way, but the down cartoning unit running in continuous motion style, thanks to its truly innovative design, the connection unit can both synchronize with the intermittent upper unit and the continuous motion down unit, the system uses linear servo motor technology to drive movers around a track. The motion of each mover is independently controlled, at first, each mover runs in an intermittent way to collect each pillow pack, after a group of movers (here are eight movers) collected the pillow packs, they move forward to cartoning unit in continuous motion way, and the speed is synchronized with conveyer belt of cartoning unit, then a servo regulated pusher inserted this 8 pillow packs into the cartoning unit in a synchronized way. The precise servo technology accurately controls pillow pack transfer, positioning, feeding and inserting, etc., to assure the stability of high running speed.


  • Shanghai, China