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Machining of critical components for aviation industry

aviation industry

The main pride of MASAM’s machining division in 2019 were components for aviation industry that belong to the category of “critical components“. The large aluminum alloy part with thin walls and strict accuracy requirements have become a huge challenge, which we have mastered. Currently a small-series production with a focus on shortening production times while maintaining the required quality of the parts is ongoing in our company. For machining of such components we use a high-speed 5D CNC milling machine. During the production of the part, we used high-speed milling with working feeds at 30,000 mm / min with double fast-feed. This demonstrates a perfect interplay between technology, quality machinery and software equipement of the MASAM company. When reviewing the dimensions, we use tactile as well as contactless measuring methods. Since 2015, the company has been the only one in Slovakia to hold the AS 9100 certificate in the field of machining and in September 2019 passed a successful audit for the AS 9100 D, which is the amended world's strictest quality certificate for production in the aviation industry. MASAM was then registered in the list of IAQG - International Aerospace Quality Group that brings together all suppliers for the aviation and aerospace industry.


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