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MB is at the Ecomondo trade fair with a special line of products dedicated to recycling

The management of the waste generated by construction and demolition has become an important issue nowadays, a subject of debate and, often, of dispute. In reality, inert waste is not a problem for worksites. It is and must become a resource. The debris, for example, can be processed by MB Crusher machinery and transformed into material ready for re-use on the site itself, or sold for other applications. In this way, companies are no longer compelled to dispose of it at the dump, but can put it back into the work cycle, saving time and earning money.

And this very issue, the management of inert waste – part of the larger green and circular economy theme – is one of the key topics of the International trade fair Ecomondo, Rimini (7 - 10 November), where MB Crusher will present its special range dedicated to the management of inert waste “MB per l’aMBiente” (MB for the Environment).

In Pavilion C5, stand 130, MB will exhibit some of the most representative models of this special range: crusher and screening buckets from 2.6 to over 70 tons, crusher and screening buckets for loaders, skid loaders and backhoe loaders from 2.8 to over 6 tons; rotating grapples for excavators from 6 to 25 tons.

So a winning hand, able to meet the needs of customers, their work vehicles and their construction sites.

MB for the Environment at Ecomondo

The company from Vicenza has, in fact, created a product line that makes it possible to manage the complete recycling phase directly on-site, simplifying the operations of crushing, screening and handling of the aggregates. Crusher and screening buckets, demolition and sorting grapples are applied directly to the excavator and are powered by its hydraulic system.

They are compact machines with a low acoustic impact, in compliance with the terms laid down in "ISO 3744" and the Machinery Directive 89/392 EEC. It is possible to install a magnetic kit on the crusher and screening buckets designed to collect iron after the crushing and screening, and a dust suppression kit, a patented system always applied to the bucket, that sprays water on the material to control the dust. Both kits are activated directly from the cab of the work vehicle.

It is thanks to these technological systems that MB products can operate easily in closed environments (e.g. inside sheds and tunnels), in city centres and old-town districts. So the advantages are not just for the company that uses them and the construction site workers, but also for the environment.

With MB machines, the material is recycled on the spot, thereby avoiding the pollution created by vehicles driving to and from the dump. And that’s not all. The excavation trenches are filled in again with their original material, so the natural balance of the worksite remains intact.

This applies to all kinds of sites, from road construction sites to demolitions, to the maintenance of the green belt (gardens, parks), to sites for the laying of new pipelines, to the reclamation of abandoned industrial areas, to the disposal of railway sleepers, lamp posts, and vineyard poles. But also to large recycling centres where iron materials, foundry waste, glass and many other materials are salvaged.

In line with the principles of circular economy, with MB everything is regenerated and nothing is thrown away.

So, long live aggregates!



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