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Storage of vibration and process measurements

Condition monitoring and protection combined

Typically there is no requirement for measurements to be monitored remotely, as this is precisely what the vibration monitor does internally. But if you want to find the history up until the alarm has been given, the running vibration measurements are now saved on a local SD card and can be processed on an ordinary PC by users themselves.

Some users plot a few measurements themselves via 4-20 mA signals in a local Scada system, but this is mostly confined to only the common measurements, such as 10-1000 Hz. PCH's bearing monitoring system offers up to six vibration measurements from a single measurement point and for a machine with up to 4 measurement points there will now be up to 24 x 4-20 mA signals to plot. This may be too extensive to record and not at all necessary when measurements can now be stored in PCH EtherBridge, PCH's new data logger with trend recorder.

Data can be downloaded via a PC either by physically connecting to the PCH EtherBridge data logger on-site, or via Internet access. If there is internet access, the data can even be delivered to the user''s DropBox account, and this is then stored in the cloud until the user downloads the data onto their PC.

The software PCH Vibration Studio is part of the package and is not license-based.


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