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Coming Soon - R32HT High Torque Gearbox

Portescap's R32HT planetary gearhead offers extremely high torque capabilities up to 9Nm

The R32HT is being introduced to provide a higher torque option between Portescap’s R32 and R40 gearheads. Due to Portescap's expertise in gearhead development, our R&D team has been able to optimize the design by using gears with higher strength and a different bearing system than the standard, as well as other mechanical changes, which has resulted in improved reliability and higher efficiency at targeted torque levels.

This high torque gearhead is recommended for applications requiring very high torque in a relatively small package. This makes the R32HT well suited for applications such as service robotics, electric grippers, missile fin actuation, powered hand tools (including nut runners, screwdrivers, and pruning shears), robotics, and aerospace & defense.

The R32HT will be available with a 3-stage arrangement with a speed reduction ratio of 99.8 for sampling, with other ratios being made available upon request.


  • La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
  • Portescap SA