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Reliable, easy-to-use additions to the HVACR installer’s toolbox.

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – Sauermann has expanded its range of measurement instruments for HVACR professionals with three new devices that – like the other products in the range – are the height of practicality.

- Si-RD3: Refrigerant leak detector

- Si-VH3: Hotwire thermo-anemometer

- Si-CD3: Gas leak detector

- As practical and user-friendly as ever

The Si-VH3 thermo-anemometer comes with highly sensitive hotwire technology, offering an alternative way to measure air flows. As well as capturing air flow rate and velocity values in ventilation system pipes, the instrument is suitable for air-tightness testing, detecting even the tiniest air currents and taking temperature readings to identify thermal insulation defects.

The Si-VH3 connects wirelessly to the Si-HVACR Measurement MobileApp, a smartphone app developed in-house that’s packed with additional features such as the ability to email measurement reports in PDF, XML or CSV format. The instrument also has a magnetic backing, so it can take readings while keeping engineers’ hands free.

The Si-CD3 gas leak detector is perfect for quickly and easily detecting even the slightest leaks of various combustible gases (methane, propane, isobutane, LPG and other hydrocarbons). And for a fully intuitive user experience, the instrument also features an LCD screen with adjustable backlight.

The Si-RD3 refrigerant leak detector uncovers leaks of most common refrigerant gases to a high degree of sensitivity, including all HCFC and HFC refrigerants, R1234yf, R1234ze, R290, R600a, and 5% hydrogen–95% nitrogen mixtures (Nidron 5 and Trace-A-Gas).

Both the Si-CD3 and Si-RD3 models come with an adjustable visual and audio alarm, as well as a 30 cm flexible probe for easy measurement in even the hardest-to-reach parts of heating, refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Sauermann’s HVACR range is among the most reliable in its price class, covering the full spectrum of measurement requirements for HVAC engineers: temperature (Si-TT3 dual input thermometer and Si-TI3 infrared thermometer), humidity (Si-HH3 thermo-hygrometer), pressure (Si-PM3 digital differential pressure manometer), air velocity and flow rate (Si-VH3 hotwire thermo-anemometer and Si-VV3 vane thermo-anemometer), and gas leaks (Si-RD3 and Si-CD3 leak detectors).

About Sauermann

For more than 45 years, Sauermann Group has designed, manufactured and sold products and services dedicated to industrial and HVACR markets. The group specifically focuses on the detection, measurement and control of indoor air quality (IAQ). The Group has a worldwide presence, is located on three continents (Europe, Asia and North America), has 12 sites (including four production plants), and employs over 400 people.


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