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The 210 Series of Transmitters

The 210 Series of Transmitters.

A number of sectors such as medical technology, agrifoods, nuclear, manufacturing, etc. require measuring instruments that measure up to two parameters including combinations of humidity, temperature, CO2, differential pressure, and air velocity.

Such instruments often transmit these measurements and provide analog signals to building management systems (BMS) that monitor and control various mechanical and electrical equipment. In other instances, if the measuring instruments have relays, the instruments can send the measurements directly to independant automatic systems.

Kimo’s 210 series of transmitters are priced the same as previous 210-level models but now include 2-relays that allow the instruments to send up to two direct actions to the automatic systems.

The following instruments are part of this new 210 series:

COT-212-R: CO2 and Temperature Transmitter

CP 210-R : Temperature and Differential Pressure Transmitter

CTV 210-R: Air Velocity and Temperature Transmitter

TH 210-R: Humdity and Temperature Transmitter

TM 210-R: Temperature transmitter


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