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Stroller Drive System Makes Parents Easier

As a way to add a bit of ease and convenience to your life being a parent, the stroller is a necessary item for baby safety and comfort.

Whether you’re walking around the block or packing up for your next family vacation, your stroller is going to be one of your most frequently used pieces of baby gear.

Stroller Safeguard Your Baby

With the invention of baby strollers, parents can carry their children with them anywhere. When parents travel with their baby, the stroller helps them get from one place to the other much easier and faster and get rid of the burden that having to keep the child in their arms. During the period of infant, the baby stroller is an excellent way of keeping your baby entertained and safe during the weeks when they cannot walk. Besides, the most important function of a baby stroller is that helps to prevent any kind of accidents and safeguards the baby inside it.

Drive System Makes Parents Comfortable

Traveling with a baby can be a so stressful experience that many people opt not to travel with their young children. However, a baby stroller with the drive system can make it different. Driven by the motor, the geared transmission system embeds with the solenoid valve to positioning and four-wheel suspension structure and power steering technology to achieve one-handed operation, which enables automatic folding. The stroller can be automatically folded and opened by pressing the button, while the induction system in the stroller can avoid the baby from accidentally pressing. The drive system is suitable for strollers that are designed for different age groups, which extends the stroller service life and achieves the function of easy folding and portable carrying.

Geared Motors Help with Easy-Pushing

ZHAOWEI’s stroller drive system comprises a low-noise brushless motor with the parallel transmission gearbox and clutch. When going uphill, the geared motor can automatically push the stroller to support users to achieve easy pushing. When leaving hold of the stroller, the brake motor responds in time and the electromechanical lock will engage the brake brakes to avoid the stroller moving. Also, the stroller drive system can help users take less effort pushing on uneven terrain, which is similar to pushing on an uphill path to give a smoother drive experience.


Smart travel is not only for the car. Technology Innovation makes the world smarter. ZHAOWEI cares about baby growth and is willing to cooperate with you to improve users' experience.

Stroller Drive System Makes Parents Easier


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