New Product: Pinch valve with the housing made from high performance plastic

A. u. K. Müller
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The valve specialist, A. u. K. Müller, starts the New Year of 2016 with the launch of the pinch valve series 16.003.525. This new valve type, with its housing made of high-performance plastic is a cost-effective, space-optimized and lighter alternative to the existing pinch valves with aluminium housings.

Available first is the 2/2 way version with a solenoid coil of 9.5 W. This model exhibits a clamping force of 6 N and is applicable for flexible tubes with a wall thickness of 1.0 mm and an outer diameter of 4.0 to 5.2 mm (0.16 – 0.2 inch) and a shore hardness of 60°. With these tubing specifications, pressures up to 1.5 bar (22 PSI) can be switched.

There are two orientations of mounting bracket and two types of 24vV DC coils (either protection class IP00 or IP65). Further information can be found in the data sheet.

Pinch valves provide the advantage of a 100 % media separation as the fluid is controlled inside the tubing. The flow of the medium is switched by pinching the inserted tube guiding the liquid.

The resulting benefits are turbulence free liquid handling, zero dead volume, and no accumulation of medium or dirt upon interruption of the flow rate.

Furthermore, the risk of cross-contamination can be securely prevented by replacement of the tubing. Therefore, pinch valves are particularly suitable for applications where critical fluids are handled and a high level of hygiene is required. The media resistance depends on the selected tubing.

The main areas of applications are in medical technology such as the diagnosis and therapy, in chemical and pharmaceutical applications, in laboratory equipment and analytics as well as for dosing tasks in the food and beverage industry.

The advantages at a glance:

• Handling of liquids in flexible tubing

• Flow in either direction

• Medium completely separated from the valve parts, eliminates risks of cross contamination

• No dead areas as in normal valve bodies

• Optimum chemical compatibility and wear characteristics by choice of tubing

• Tube can easily be changed

• Coil can be fixed in 4 x 90° positions

• Function provides high reliability and lifetime

New Product: Pinch valve with the housing made from high performance plastic

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