New valve series 27.00x.126: Direct acting valves for hot water

A. u. K. Müller
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The new valve series 27.00x.126, just launched by the valve manufacturer A. u. K. Müller offers a variety of direct acting valves with nominal widths of 1.6, 2 and 3 mm for the control of hot and cold potable water. Due to their fast opening and closing times the direct acting valves are particularly applicable in dosing applications.

The materials in media contact are high performance plastics and stainless steel. Therefore, they are resistant to corrosion withstand hot water up to 85 °C /185 °F and are certified for use with potable water according to KTW/W270. By using high quality insulation materials, continuous duty (100 % ED) at higher medium temperatures is possible. The valves are designed as straight through valves and offer flexibility to the user with various fluid connections.

Also, coil systems for common voltage and frequency ranges are available. As well as the standard terminals with straight flat-pins (IP00), different coil connectors are available with plug sockets (IP65) and cable connectors for higher protection to IP67 or IP68.

Further information can be found in the data sheet.


• Direct acting

• Normally closed (NC)

• Nominal width 1.6, 2 and 3 mm, optional up to 5 mm

• Kv values DN 1.6: 1.5 l/min, DN 2: 2.5 l/min, DN 3: 4.8 l/min

• Suitable for hot water up to 85°C/185 °F

• Materials in media contact approved for drinking water according to KTW/W270

• Fluid connectors: G1/2, G3/8, G3/4, 3/8” push fit, 8.0mm push fit

• Solenoid replaceable while medium circuit remains untouched, solenoid rotatable 4 x 90°

• Long term performance capability


• Steam appliances

• Dental treatment units

• Industrial appliances

• Air conditioning

• Ice machines

• Water treatment systems

New valve series 27.00x.126: Direct acting valves for hot water

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