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Magnets Bonding: a process that is increasingly required.

In the assembly phase of electric motors, the bonding of magnets is a process that is increasingly required. Magnets, that can be magnetized or not magnetized, are glued on rotors or stators with various types of adhesives.

What are the most common glues?

The bonding of magnets can take place with acrylic glues, epoxy glues, bi-component resins, and anaerobic glues. DAV Tech, among the many applications treated, has dispensed all these types of adhesives mainly through the use and management of progressive cavitation volume pumps (progressive cavity pumps) of the PCP and PDP series.

How does the bonding phase take place?

Depending on the required productivity, the glue can be fed with cartridges or tanks, up to 20, 50 or 200lt drums. In the bonding phase of the magnets, the DAV Tech volumetric pumps allow a well-controlled and highly repeatable process, guaranteeing a secure and safe bonding.

A step that can be useful, when the magnets are glued to the carcass, is to dispense primers on them. This allows a cleaning effect and the activation of the surface for subsequent bonding. Moreover, the bonding process can be strengthened by objectifying the quantity of glue dispensed, its position and its thickness, so that it can be achieved a full control of the operation.

magnets gluing
magnets gluing

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