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SmartController DA 2000

Microtechnology for ultra performance

Dispensing processes are increasingly critical and struggle, especially for those manual applications where process control is not managed in any way.

DAV Tech, through our Smart dispensing solutions, have decided to take full charge of it and offer you the best solution. In fact, these systems have been designed to obtain maximum performance from modern dispensing technologies, constituting the perfect compromise between the proposed technical solution and the amount of investment required.

These solutions are mainly involved in:

Manual dispensing applications, where the classic grease brush or pressurized syringe is replaced by top technology in terms of dispensing, with the right economic compromise and the features required by the customer.

Existing dispensing applications on automatic lines or stand-alone robots, where there is no desire to overturn an existing project for a dispensing process upgrade, but is necessary a ready-to-work and easily interfaced solution.

Dispensing applications in production ramp phase, to obtain the maximum performance with minimum investment. These systems have also been designed to be composable and “modular”.


• Simple Plug&Play system, also ideal for existing systems bypassing the need for complete reprogramming, add a dosing process in a “smart” way

• Modular, quickly create a finished system by match our products together

• Possibility of interfacing, enabling management, recall of integration programs with process control sensors, etc

• Intuitive operator interface, no need for complex programming

• Multilanguage interface

• Compact and lightweight system 140mm(W) x 140mm(H) x 150mm(D), possibility to separate into 2 different zones controller and expansion

(1 visible to operator, 1 convenient at the point of application).

Contact us directly to receive your customized scheme and a preview of your Smart Solutions!

SmartController DA 2000


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