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PCP Volumetric Pumps

A high level evolution in the field of volumetric dispensing, which guarantees a versatile and maximum precision dispensing.

The PCP volumetric pumps, available in 6 different sizes, allow the perfect choice for any application, allowing you to dispense fluids with various types of viscosity with maximum repeatability.

Controlled by a Controller, which through its dedicated software, allows you to set and monitor all the dispensing parameters and thanks to the external interface it is possible to connect via a PLC for remote control.

The mechanical qualities of the PCP pumps ensure extremely high dispensing precision without being influenced by the pressure of the inlet fluid, the viscosity and the temperature of the material;

the "memory" function on 15 channels can recall up to 15 different programs.

The pumps are driven by a gear motor with encoder and allow the volumetric distribution in strips, drops or the filling of a specific volume.

The engine, operated in one direction, delivers the fluid and, if commanded in the other direction, sucks in the fluid, preventing dripping and stabilizing the pressure on the nozzle.

Suitable for volumetric dispensing of:

anaerobic glues, silicones, greases, resins, adhesives, sealants, fluids with high or low viscosity.

Main advantages:

Maximum dispensing precision

Dispensing not influenced by temperature and viscosity variations

Simple maintenance thanks to the pump design

Possibility to dispense loaded materials without wear problems

"Suck back" function to avoid dripping

Quick startup thanks to the programs preset in the Controller

Special versions available such as PEEK body, ceramic rotor, PA stator etc.

PCP Volumetric Pumps


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