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16 LTS pressurized tanks

Model PT 16 is added to our family of pressurized tanks.

A greater capacity for your dispensing systems.


Pressurizable stainless steel tank, thickness 3 mm with cap in blu anodized aluminum. Useful volume 16 lts, safety valve setted at 3 bar and pressure regulator with gauge.

Our PT pressurized tanks are designed to feed with a constant, reliable and adjustable pressure low and medium viscosity fluids such as: oils, anaerobic and cyanoacrylic glues, 000-00-0 NLGI greases, self leveling resins etc.

The tanks are available in other 3 sizes: 2 liters, 5 liters, 10 liters, could be equipped with low level sensor.


  • Via G. Ravizza, 30, 36075 Paulona VI, Italy
  • DavTech team

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