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Posted on 9/29/2015
In pharmaceutical technology and biotechnology, valuable medical and biological samples and materials often have to be preserved at extremely low temperatures for anything from several weeks to a few years. The cooling system used in an application of this nature must be absolutely safe and reliable. Something going wrong may not only lead to the loss of valuable samples, expensive reagents, or entire research results but also significant amounts of time and money. Reputations can also suffer. The UF V series ultralow temperature freezer by BINDER, the world's largest specialist manufacturer of simulation chambers for scientific and industrial laboratories, has been designed for the safe long-term storage of samples at -86 °C. Its multi-stage safety concept can be relied upon to deliver an extremely high standard of safety. Personalized access control with RFID key card protects the samples against unauthorized access. Laboratory staff must be accredited before they are permitted to open the ultralow tempe...

Moreover, BINDER's ultralow temperature freezer could not be more user-friendly. Thanks to an automatic door mechanism, the door can be opened easily at the touch of a button. The unit can be integrated into the security and alarm infrastructure with ease. Operating data can be analyzed and logged via the optional data logger with USB connection. The air filter, which c...