Media separated dispense valves

A. u. K. Müller
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The valve solutions consist of food-approved materials, which can be optionally equipped with a PTFE valve seat, inhibiting the build-up of lime scale and contributing significantly to the prolonged life of the components. The actuators of the valves are media separated by a membrane.

The valves are offered either, as a cost effective one-piece valve housing, or as an easy to service two-piece valve housing. The two-piece valve housing enables removal of the valve outlet nozzle without pulling the tubing from the spout and gives greater flexibility in design. In both models, it is possible to adjust the flow rate individually by a regulation screw on the outlet nozzle. As soon as the valve is closing, the complete drainage of the valve outlet is achieved by an outlet ventilation tube. The outlet ventilation is generally included but a regulated breather, where the ventilation of the outlet is stopped during the dosing, is available on request. Thus, a higher volume flow is realised. The breather can also be eliminated on request.

Series 46.008.118 represents the ultimate dispense valve with optimum flow rate and longer life. With an internal slope located in the inlet, air bubbles are reliably redirected back into the boiler and the collection of dirt particles is avoided after dosing. Additionally, the drop deflection characteristic of the membrane, as well as the elevated PTFE valve seat, reduce lime scale formation at the valve seat and the resulting pollution by particles and minimises leakage.

Next to their installation and service friendliness, the valves are mainly characterized by a long-term performance capability and a high operating safety. Also, the valves can be provided with certificates such as UL, NSF or WRAS, relating to the series.

Another significant advantage is the combination of several valves in a bank with a common inlet into one module. Therefore, up to five output units it can be arranged abreast for generating a compact system solution depending on the application.

Media separated dispense valves

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