Drain Valves

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The valves are direct acting and medium separated, having a single chamber valve body with the inlet at ninety degrees to the outlet. The smooth internal shape improves liquid flow and avoids dirt traps.

To fit numerous application specific material stability requirements they are manufactured with valve bodies from PPE or stainless steel for hot water applications. For higher resistance to chemicals PVDF or stainless steel versions with a FKM membrane are offered. The stainless steel drain valves are especially suited for medical applications as they exhibit very good chemical resistance even at high temperatures, which allows them to be thermally disinfected.

The customer can further more choose between threaded or hose connections and a flush spout as an additional cleaning option. Also, these robust valves can now be offered as a version for horizontal installation.

Insulation class F, supported by an integrated protective circuit achieves a high electrical operating safety. Especially for applications in wet environment protection type IP 68 is achieved in conjunction with a cable connection or alternatively IP 65 by using a mounted connector. Optionally the NC type valves can be equipped with an emergency manual override, to ensure the drainage of tanks even in the case of a voltage breakdown.


• Industrial washing machines and dishwashers

• Cleaning devices for medical equipment

• Dairy industry

• Process engineering


• Direct acting, normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO) types

• No minimal pressure required

• Protection type IP 68 using cable, respectively IP 65 using connector

• Potted coil

• Coil system protected against corrosion by separation to medium by membrane

• Optional valve body made of PVDF or stainless steel and FKM membrane for higher resistance to chemicals

• Optional flush spout on valve body

• Optional manual emergency override (NC type only)

• Long-term performance capability

• Maximum medium temperature 98 °C (208 °F)

• Suitable for spray- and jet water

• UL approved versions available

• High operating safety by the use of high quality and 100% final testing of the products

Drain Valves

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